Care for Children EFR Course

Care for Children EFR Course - Workshops for parents




Course name

Care for Children EFR Course


Organized throughout the country


4 hours

Group size

up to 12 people


The programme of this course covers situations of immediate life threatening, loss of consciousness, choking, apnoea in children and infants.  We welcome the following people to participate in the workshops: parents, babysitters, grandparents, pre-school teachers, nursery teachers, primary and secondary school teachers.  The first aid programme for children and infants was based on the international Care for Children EFR standard.

Programme issues

* safety rules, psychological aspects

* prevention of infections during rescue operations

* calling rescue services, talking to the dispatcher

* assessment of vital functions of a child and an infant

* BLS (Basic Life Support) algorithm

* resuscitation of children and infants

* handling allergic (anaphylactic) shock

* handling with dyspnoea

* handling acute abdominal pain

* thermal comfort of the child

* handling massive haemorrhage

* handling burns

* handling epilepsy

* handling suspected spinal injury

* handling choking


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