First Aid Course for Children

Training programme dedicated to the children, teenagers, schools and kindergartens. The programme is individually designed, it is flexible, effective, tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. Any number of hours. Any number of participants.Training conducted throughout Poland.


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Course name

First Aid Training for Children


On-site visits at the customer throughout the country


Flexible, from 3 h to .......

Group size

Suggested optimal group size up to 12 people


The programme of each first aid course is developed individually for a specific group.  When developing the programme, we take into account the age, client's expectations, goals, tasks, time, place and budget of the client.  We quickly respond to requests for quotes, developing a “tailor-made” offer.
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Programme issues

* calling for help, talking to the dispatcher
* ICE  numbers
* safety assessment at the scene of the event
* assessment of vital functions
* Is „my Teddy bear” breathing?
* dealing with an unconscious person - BLS (Basic Life Support) algorithm
* safe position
* resuscitation
* use of automatic defibrillator - AED (Automated External Defibrilation)
* prevention of infections during rescue operations
* methods of direct evacuation of unconscious people
* basic handling in case of burns and frostbites
* stopping hemorrhages
* basic procedure for suspected spinal injury
* collecting medical history and talking to the injured person
* direct evacuation from the endangered place (Rautek’s grip)
* choking
* limb bandaging and limb splinting / Cramer splint
* poisoning
* first aid kits
* personal protective equipment
* collecting medical history – SAMPLE
* how to remove foreign body
* additional topics “on request” that interest participants


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