EFR First Aid Course

EFR First Aid Course - Primary Care with AED & Secondary Care - Basic and Extended First Aid.




Course name

EDF Primary Care 


Training takes place throughout the country


Duration 8 hours - 1 day

Group size

up to 8 people


The 70% of the programme consists of exercises, scenes and group work; 30% is a lecture and training presentation enriched with film material.  Directly after the course, students are welcome to take the EFR exam.  Of course, we also welcome people who want to complete the course, acquire new skills regardless of the certificate.

Programme issues

* safety assessment at the scene of the event

* priorities in emergency services

* calling for help, talking to the dispatcher

* legal situation related to providing help, the right of the Good Samaritan

* dealing with the unconscious victim (adult / child) - BLS algorithm

* direct evacuation from the endangered place (Rautek’s grip)

* control of the vital functions of the victim

* safe position

* resuscitation

* choking

* use of training AED - automatic defibrillator

* handling a shock

* help in back injuries

* stopping haemorrhages

* limb bandaging and limb splinting / Cramer splint

* collecting medical history - SAMPLE

* additional topics “on request” that interest participants

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